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Can optometrists tell if sunglasses offer UV protection?

Found a pair of sunglasses in the garage, and not sure if they have UV protection. No brand, just plain black framed sunglasses. If I take these to an optometrist are they able to tell me whether or not they offer UV protection?
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  • eeelisa814


    If you are unsure if your sunglasses block UV rays, take them to your optician and ask. Most eye care providers can test the lenses to tell how much protection your lenses will provide. Your optician can also provide you with more information about protecting your eyes from harmful rays and help you create a protection plan that's right for you.
  • emo_pain_818


    Yes, the optometrist will tell you whether the sunglasses offer the uv protection. So you could bring the sunglasses to let the optometrist have a look. However, there is the special machine in the eyeglasses store which could also help you judge the function of the uv protection of the sunglasses.
  • Melissa duncan


    Eyes are important so that we need to protect them carefully. Sunrays would damage eyes with UV light. Before you know whether this sunglasses have UV protection or not, you'd better not to wear them when you need to expose to bright sunrays. Optometrist should be able to tell whether the glasses have UV protection or not. Usually they can test it with UV meter and UV flashlight. Normally we thought the darker color of the lens is the better UV protection they have. Actually this concept is wrong. Brown is popular color which can filter almost all UV lights and gray can prevent most UV rays meanwhile maintain the natural color. Unqualified sunglasses might cause bigger damages than wearing no sunglasses. So I would like to suggest you find out whether they are good protection from UV, then decide whether you wear them or not.