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How do i store contact lenses temporarily ( less than 6 hours)?

What is the best way to store contact lenses for a short period of time? For example, if I go swimming, I want to store my contacts for a couple hours, and then put them in my eyes when I'm done. It seems like all the good contact solutions require 6 hours. Been searching for hours, but can't find the answer.
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  • elmo01


    The first best option is to use distilled water that consists only of H2O and it is free from bacteria. If this is not available the second best thing that you can get is saline which is a mixture of salt and water. If neither of these are available, your next best thing is to prepare distilled salt water yourself. Storing your contact lenses in a solution like this is easy but it does take some time to prepare. source :
  • Joseph


    If you are looking for some alternative for contacts solutions, there I have some tips for you. So, for a short period of time, you could resort to normal saline, which is made of clean water and slight amount of salt. That would keep your contact lenses for some time. However, you cannot keep your lenses in normal saline for much too long, that would damage the lenses.

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