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Where can I see if my sunglasses offers UV protection?

I bought a pair of Fossil sunglasses about a year ago and have since then forgotten whether or not they had a sticker on them indicating if they offer UV protection. Is there a way to look at the lens and tell if they have the coating to do so? Are Fossil's generally good quality sunglasses (picked these up at the Fossil store at the DFW airport)? What would brand would you recommend that offers protection without costing an arm and leg?
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  • erickie6


    Sunglasses will have "100% UV protection" or other stickers on them if they can protect UV rays .If you are unsure if your sunglasses block UV rays, take them to your optician and ask. Most eye care providers can test the lenses to tell how much protection your lenses will provide. Your optician can also provide you with more information about protecting your eyes from harmful rays and help you create a protection plan that¡¯s right for you.

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