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Are there any contact lenses to reduce glare when driving at night?

I have been wearing soft contact lenses (Acuvue) for 15 yrs or more, but I find it difficult to drive at night because the street lights and headlights from passing cars glare so much. I'm wondering if I'll have better luck with another brand. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  • enternalhate


    I think there is nowhere to find contact lenses to reduce glare like what you described . What you really need is polarized glasses . They can help reduce the glare which bounces off water or the roadway while driving and give you a better view
  • colors8282


    As far as i know, there are no such contact lenses that can reduce glare. If you often drive at night, you can try night vision glasses or polarized sunglasses. Night vision glasses are special made for diver wearing at night. They can provide you comfortable and clear vision whiteout troubled by glares. Besides, you can also polarized sunglasses which are very famous on filter glares. If you need vision aids, you can choose prescription polarized sunglasses. Good luck.

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