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Can cataract surgery cause blepharitis?

Is it possible to get blepharitis because of cataract surgery? If so, Is there anyway to avoid it?
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  • b1wdancer23


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blepharitis because of cataract surgery. However, you could avoid this by taking good care of the eyes after the cataract surgery. You should not eat the spicy food and drink which will stimulate your eye nerves. You should have the good rest for the eyes.
  • manny


    Well, of course, it is possible to get blephariti because of the cataract surgery. First, you should know that blephariti is inflammation which occurs in the part of the eyelid. And it can occur with a bacterial infection or some complication of a skin condition. So it is related to the irritation. On the other hand, after the cataract surgery, your eyes will become sensitive, so it can be infected by the irritants easily. And then it can lead to blephariti. To avoid it, you should keep your eyes from the irritants and bacteria, virus. Also, you can wear the eye patch, so it can be safe and clean for your eyes.
  • warren


    Well, as a matter of fact, I relate to your anxiety over this matter. So, from my perspective, it is quite possible because of the lasting impacts of the cataract surgery. On the other hand, it is mostly resulted from dirty use of eyes, too much stress, and a decrease in your immune system. So, you need to take care of your eyes and pay due attention, quit those bad habits and you are good to go.

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