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Does drinking water help blepharitis ?

Can drink more water help people with blepharitis ? How can drinking water work on blepharitis ?
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  • Allen


    Yes, drinking more water will help people with blepharitis. Because drinking water and make the vessels around your eyes run well and reduce the inflammation well, so drink more water daily. What's more, eye hygiene, eye drops, and artificial tears can also help. Hope you get better soon.
  • RJ


    Drinking more water indeed benefits people with blepharitis. 2 liters of water per day or 8 glasses of water per day help one be well hydrated to produce enough tears. Warm compresses can also have an effect of relieving blepharitis because they can loosen the crustiness that builds up at the base of the eyelashes and the debris clogging the oil glands.
  • ebernardino


    As we all know, blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid. Also, most people find the blepharitis is very annoying and are trying their best to treat the blepharitis. Someone said drinking more water can help you with the blepharitis. Here I want to tell you that the idea that more water can treat the blepharitis is really right. Because many people have tried this way, and the result is really surprised because the blepharitis disappeared after drinking more water everyday. According to the experts, the inflammation is caused because there are too much toxins and some other harmful substances, and the water can help you to flush out toxins, poisons and harmful substances in our eyes. Apart from the inflammation of our eyes, drinking more water can also realize the function of flushing out all of our body so that we can keep healthy. Of course, there are also some other way to help you with the blepharitis, such as eating some fruits or vegetables every day and doing exercise regular, especially the eye exercise. Hope my suggestion can help you out.