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Are green eyes considered ugly?

How do you think about green eyes? Do you think it is ugly?
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  • EDWIN Caster


    You know what color of my eyes? It is brown, I like it very much not because of the color but the appreciation to the God! No matter what color of the eyes, we are the spiritual creature of the universe. Because of different colors, this world would be beautiful as its full of variety. However, I think green is beautiful, because most of people like light color eyes with blonde. It is bright and joyful! Hope you have the confidence to your own body. However, there still another way to change the colors of eyes in a short time, you can buy some colorful contacts for cosmetic, it is fun and safe for you to get different experience of eyes colors.
  • enriquejacob


    Frankly speaking, it is only a matter of personal taste, which is not decided by a particular individual. And the opinions about it varies from person to person. I think green eyes are good for they are mysterious and more christian. If you really want to make a change, I recommend colored contact lenses to you, which could give you whatever color you prefer, you could try to get them at Walmart online store.
  • Andrea warren


    Hello, green eyes are really special in my opinion. And not so many people have green eyes. Actually, if you have common black eyes or brown eyes and black eye liner, you may not be POP. It is really highlight if you got them. Sure I do not think it is ugly, it is special and beautiful!

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