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Katelyn smith


Can oakley sunglasses be repaired?

I have a pair of Oakley sunglasses. But i broken it by accident. Can oakley sunglasses be repaired? Or i have to buy new one?
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  • evelyn12


    Ok, from what you said, I can see that your sunglasses have got some problems and need mending right away. It is true that those sunglasses could be repaired at some optical shops, most of those shops could help you with broken frames for they have got such technique. But if the problem is much too serious, you have to get another pair, and sometimes mending might cost you more because that involves manual work you know? I recommend that you get a new pair at Amazon, where the prices seem to be reasonable.
  • eddy


    When you input Oakley sunglasses online and you can see so much information about Oakley men sunglasses and Oakley women sunglasses. But what cause such phenomena indeed? Well, the root reason is that Oakley offers many typical stylish sunglasses with high technology and materials, even lower prices of quality products available at the Oakley official website. One more important reason is that Oakley has a complement after-sales system. You can watch the serial number on the frames. If these numbers' color already faded, you must be careful that you may get the fake ones. And if you have lost the invoice or bill of your Oakley sunglasses, the serial numbers becomes the only evidence that you purchased the quality products and then the outlet store will have a free repair of your sunglasses. By the way, only your Oakley sunglasses are in warranty period can be repaired.
  • cruelladeville0


    Well, they can be repaired in some degree.You can take them to the professional person. Also, you should know that Oakley's technology is immense, especially the High Definition Optics (HDO) is unrivalled in their clarity. So by wearing them, your eyes won't shift as they readjust their focus as can happen with inferior lenses. Also, they have uv protection, so that can be safe for your eyes.

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