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Are eyes connected to each other?

I just want to know if eyes are connected to each other? I mean, if i suffer infection in one eye, shall i my other eyes suffer infection latter?
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  • arnold


    Yes, eyes are connected to each other. But if you get some trauma in one eye, it is not likely to affect the other eyes. While some other problems, like your infection, you get it in your one eye, you other eye will be very likely to suffer from it soon. Since the vessels are connected to each other.
  • Mii


    As far as I know, that depends on the problem you have got. As to some trauma, one eye would not greatly affect the other one, but if one of your eyes got some infections , then perhaps the other one could be infected too soon. For your visual system connects both of them. Just try to protect your eyes as much as you can. Of course it is only a matter of time if one of them is infected.
  • cwalsman


    It is possible that the other eye suffers infection later if one eye is suffering from infection. Eyes are connected to each other at the base of the brain. And if you rubs the affected eye with your hand, and then you rub the other eye with the hand, the infection will jump from the affected eye to the other one.
  • fire wilson


    seems then, William Shirer, who was one of the first journalists to cover World War 2 along with Ed,R,Morrow on the scene at the time radio and CBS just began to broadcast from overseas. Shirer had suffered an injury to one eye, so it was removed, because back then, it was believed the trauma would spread to the other eye from a, " sympathetic nerve"