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Is colour blindness hereditary?

Are color blindness hereditary? Any ideas?
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  • walkingjaded


    Yes, the color blindness is hereditary which will be decided by your mother or father. Some people with color blindness could only see the white and black color in the world which will bring a lot of troubles for them in the daily life. Some people with color blindness will only see some colors. They are luckier than the full color blindness.
  • Christopher dale


    Well, it is hard to say color blindness is hereditary or not, for it all depends on what types of color blindness you get. There are some types of color blindness which can be hereditary. For this type, color blindness is a genetically inherited condition. And it usually occurs due to the genetics, and is passed from one generation to another. When you get it, it is difficult for you to distinguish some colors. But there are some color blindness which can be caused by some eye problems, such as injury of the eye, aging or as a side effect of using certain medications or drugs. So you need to know your situation. And, according to some researches, inherited color blindness will last forever and it can get worse as the time goes by. But partial color blindness can be treated by wearing corrective glasses, surgery.
  • emmie18


    Yes, it could be like that. A person is color blindness if all his/her X chromosomes have the defective gene. For example, if a father is color blindness, there is a highly possibility for his son to have color blindness. For his daughter, she would pass it on to her son. Color blindness means a person could not clearly distinguish two specific colors, the typical one is red and green color blindness. There is no way to change or treat it.

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