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Can not wearing glasses cause nausea?

I am nearsighted and was told that i need wear my prescription eyeglasses, or it will cause vision blur, headaches as well as nausea. Is that true? Can not wearing glasses cause nausea? Why?
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  • walkingaround


    Definitely yes, you are not wearing prescription glasses can lead to nausea and even migraines. Because of the eye can play havoc, and the straining of the eyes especially when you do not have the aid of specs which cause headache. You can feel worse if you go out in the bright sunlight, you can hardly open your eyes. Medicine does not help to overcome this situation. Only wear your properly and correctly prescribed glasses again can deal with that.
  • Mark


    We suggest you wear your prescription eyeglasses when you use your eyes, especially if your prescription more than 300. If you have eyeglasses, you need to keep wearing once you awake. Myopia eyes have different focal length from the normal healthy eyes. If you put your glasses away, your eyes will not easy to focus on the views, of course your vision will be blur, and long time's blur vision will increase your eyes fatigue, under such circumstance, your description will increase soon. If your myopia eyes without the aid of glasses, the optic nerves will be less sensitive, everything unclear to see, so you will feel nausea. If you really hate wear glasses, why not use contacts for help?
  • Richard


    Myopia is the symptom of not being able to see the far away content clearly but could see near content. In the condition of refraction static, the images of distant objects can't not focus in the retina convergent. Instead. it is focused at the front part of the retina formation. If you don't wear the eyeglasses to help you see clearly, it will cause visual deformation and make the vision blur. With long time of through light, you will feel dizzy and cause the nausea with the increase of eyes blood.