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xavier rodriguez


sticky contacts

my contacts feel sticky in my eye how do i get rid of that sticky ness
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  • Jose joyce


    I suggest you to stop wearing the contact lenses right now. Your eyes must get the inflammation which causes the contacts feel sticky. If you keep on wearing them, your eyes may feel worse which may get the infection. However, you can use the solution to wash the sticky contact lenses and soak them for more than 8 hours to get the dirty things out.
  • may lj


    If you feel the contact lenses sticky in your eyes, it is a sign that your eyes are very dry. So, what you should do right now is moisten your eyes. You can use some eye drops to keep your eyes moist. Or you can try to produce tears yourself. Anyway, if you have dry eyes, you'd better not wear contact lenses or it make hurt your eyes. Good luck.
  • Megan W


    I think about two possibilities that could result in sticky contacts in your eyes. The first one is that your contact may be dirty. It is important to keep contacts clean as it directly touches your eyes. There are several notices for wearing contacts. First one is to wash you hand before wearing and taking off contacts. You shall clean fingers, nails, palms and back of hand through and don't touch other things before you touch contacts. Second one is to clean the contacts lenses. Drop some contact lenses solution on it. Keep nails away from the lenses. After washing the contact lenses with solution, put them into a cleaned lenses box. The lenses shall be totally soaked by the solution in the box. Most of the solution shall be used up in one month after being opened. Third one is to clean the lenses box. Wash it every day and disinfect it once a week. Then get a new one very three months. Since your contacts are already sticky in your eyes, next time when you are going to wear them, put on some eye-drops and close your eyes until there are tears flow out. Then do as the description above. The second possibility is that contacts is out of service life and begin to melt away. If so, throw it away and get new ones. Don't wear contacts out of service life, it will be dangerous.

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