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When did big nerd glasses become popular?

I see many people around me prefer nerd glasses. And i think they look good with nerd glasses. I just wonder when nerd style glasses became popular.
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  • cookie127


    It is only in recent few years that the nerd eyeglasses become popular, receiving a lot of popularity among the young people. The big frame nerd eyeglasses will make you look calm, fashionable, cool and learned. In addition, this style of eyeglasses will be matched with many kinds of clothes.
  • Eric quick


    In deed, nerd glasses are currently one of the most popular frames in the world, you can find a lot of people wearing them anywhere. As to the reason why they have become so hot, the answer is trend and fashion. New stuff are always being welcomed by people and they just love to try on new things, which would make them special from other people. But, not everyone are suited to such kind of frame you know? You should take your style and vibe into account before going to buy.

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