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What causes vision problems in children?

My child is 5 years old now. I found that he cannot see things clearly. And he often watches TV for a long time and seats almost in front of the TV. Does he have any vision problems? What will cause vision problems in children and how to avoid them?
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  • hill


    There maybe any relations with the TV watching. If he often watches TV for a long time, it will cause vision problems too. Because the TV screen will damage our eyesight lead to myopia. I suggest that take him outside and spent more time to accompany him than allow him to watch TV alone.
  • Danai P.


    I think your children may get some vision problems. Maybe the TV is the cause of his vision problem. There are many kinds of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, strabismus and amblyopia. Vision problems such as amblyopia has no warning signs, it can be checked by the eye doctor. So take your child to do regular vision checks is very important.

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