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Can eyes be donated?

My friend's eyes are hurt by an accident. He lives a miserable life. I want to know can we find some donators. Can eyes be donated? Is there any possibility to cover his eyes? I want to donate my body after I died too.
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  • James


    In fact, there are many donators. First, you have to know that whether your friend's eye was totally damaged or not. If they were totally damaged, the doctor cannot recover their eyesight any more. But if his cornea was damaged, the doctor can cure it by surgery. But donate cornea is different from donate kidney, the doctor must make sure that the donator is dead.
  • Zachary garcia


    You are a kind person. You want to make contributions to the society even after death. I highly appreciate your spirit. But you must consult the doctors for more information about donating. Because I heard that some organs can be reused within several hours after the death. And the donator must apply for the donation by themselves. You should sign some documents too. Maybe you can find a suitable donator for your friend in the process of knowing these procedures. Hope your friend will recover soon!