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Can eyeglass lenses be recoated?

I have two pairs of glasses now. I often use computers recently. I want to recoat one of them, making them radiation-proof. But I don’t know whether opticians can do this for me. The other one have some scratches. Can I repair them?
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  • Alexander


    Eyeglasses lenses cannot be recoated unless it is a new pair of glasses you just bought it in the eyeglasses shop that you can ask the opticians to recoat it for you. if there are some scratches in the lenses you cannot recoat it too. I think you'd better buy another pair of glasses if there are many scratches on your lenses.
  • Caleb murphy


    Dear friend, your eyeglasses cannot be recoated. You have to buy another one. As to the scratches on your lenses, if it is not very severe, you can use them. But if there are many scratches, you'd better buy a new one because it cannot protect your eyes from harsh light or radiations.
  • Victor Lee


    Technically, it's possible to have your glasses recoated. However, it's much troublesome and would cost no less than a new pair of glasses. So, you'd better buy an anti-radiation coated glasses.

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