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Can you use rohto eye drops with contacts?

I have a pair of new contacts. I want to buy some eye drops because some people say contacts often make our eyes dry. At that moment our eyes need some water. My friend recommends the rohto eye drops for me. Can I use it?
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  • Jade scott


    I think many eye drops have the function of relieving the symptom of dry eye and eye strains. rohto have this function too. You can use rohto eye drops if you really like it. But eye drops as OTC may need you to remove your lenses before using it. It is not very convenient. I can tell you which eye drops are suitable for contact lenses. I am a contact user too. I often choose Rewetting drops to relieve dry eyes, discomfort and eye stains associated with contact lens wear.
  • Matthew baker


    I have searched on the internet. I haven't found the information that you can use rohto eye drops with your contacts. But it doesn't mention that we cannot use this drops for contacts. So I think it will be OK if you really want to have a try. But buy a new bottle of dopes don't use your friend's eye drops directly.
  • Rebecca


    Not all eye drops are created equal, and if your eyes feel dry, you need to buy eye drops for dry eye.
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