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Larry S


How to stop pink eye from getting spreading?

I know that pink eye is a kind of eye disease. People will be infected by the patient. Can we avoid being infected? How to do it? And how to cure pink eye?
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  • Jordan owen


    Yes, you are right. The pink eye (or conjunctivitis) is a kind of highly contagious eye infection. And it is common. But the people will not be infected if they just take a peep of the patients. While we cannot use daily objects such as towel and eyeglasses with the patients. Because this kind of disease is spread by bacteria and viruses. The children in day care centers, classrooms are easy to be infected by pink eye. So teachers and parents must pay more attention to them and take them to see the doctor regularly.


    Pink eyes can be spread by Poor hand-washing. It can be easily treated. While at first you should know which type of conjunctivitis you have. As to Viral conjunctivitis, there is no need to use medical treatment because it will run its course over a period of few days. If you are suffering from the Bacterial conjunctivitis, your eye doctor will prescribe antibiotic eye drops for you. When faced with the Allergic conjunctivitis, allergy medications can help to solve this problem. While it is difficult to distinguish conjunctivitis, so you must consult your eye doctor first. They can give you best suggestions to cure the disease.
  • garcia


    The number one, most important thing to stop the spread of pink eye (from infection) is good hand washing. Whenever hands touch the eye, they must be washed. Tissues used to cleanse the eye should be discarded directly into the trash and not held in pockets or purses for future use, and again, hands should be cleansed. Use of hand sanitizer is also appropriate. People with pink eye can certainly continue with their day to day activities and go to classes, just be diligent about preventing the spread.

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