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How long should I wear circle lenses?

How long can i wear my circle lenses. Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Barry


    Well, as a matter of fact, circle lenses is the another name of colored contact lenses. As you know, by wearing circle lenses, you appear to be more attractive and get rid of those clumsy frames and lenses to be honest. However, there are also some noticeable side effects and impacts, which could lead to some problems concerning your eyes. Therefore, you should not rely on circle lenses. You need at least take it off before you go to bed. But they would be helpful when necessary.
  • Alexa


    You should not wear the circle lenses for more than 8 hours a day. Or else, your eyes may get dryness and your eyes may get infection. You'd better keep the good habit of hygiene when using the circles lenses. You should wear it not in too much time every day. Too much time of wearing will be bad for the eyes.
  • classynottrashy


    Don't wear your circle lenses too long, because no circle lens will feel as safe and comfortable as your ordinary contact lenses. Your eyes will feel dry and uncomfortable, if you wear them for long periods of time. you should push it over 8 hours. If you wear it for the first time, stay for 3 hours. Then every day onwards increase by 2 hours. in addition, always use it wisely and responsibly/