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Alexa joyce


Can eye exercises actually improve your vision?

If so, by how much? And if not, what does it actually do? Is there any way to improve eyesight without Lasik eye surgery?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Actually no. Eye exercises can not improve your vision though you can do them to relax your eyes .Just use eyeglass or contacts to prevent your eyesight getting worse.
  • Shelby rodney


    From your words, I can see that you are eager to improve your vision without taking lasik eye surgery. Anyway, eye exercises would be helpful for your eyes to some extent, however, it could not regain your vision because in practice it is impossible. But by keeping doing eye exercise, we could better relieve our eyes and resist eye strain. And make sure your hands are clean when doing eye exercise. Maybe you should try to get a pair of glasses, and get healthier food.
  • Zoe


    I heard that eye exercise can't help improve our vision after I persist on doing it for two months, so I give up practicing. I haven't found any sign of improvement in my eyesight. I don't know whether other people got any good result or not.
  • Justin fergus


    I heard that it will take a long time to achieve a little sign of improvement in our eyesight. And we also need to persist on doing it after we get any small sign of improvement. Or our eyesight will return to where it was. But eye exercise can help relieve eye fatigue after we stare at computer screen or reading for a long time.
  • emily_xoox


    It is very difficult for adults to improve their eyesight. But if you are a child, you may improve your eyesight by doing some eye exercise or maintain the health of your eyes. The eyes of children are under development so they can get their eyesight improved by adapting some measures. You can consult your eye doctor for some good suggestions.