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Catherine lewis


What are the best eyeglass lenses that change to dark shade ?

Photochromic,Transitions,Glass ,Plastic .I dont want heavy glass and one that change CLEAREST indoor and VERY DARK outside.WHich is best. Do they already have UV protection, ANTI-glare protection and scratch protection or do you pay extra for each protection. Can anyone simplfy this and help me get whay IM looking for and not pay extra for features that are already on the lens. Also what is CRISAN.
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  • Andrew hill


    Personally, I would recommend transition glasses which is one of the few photochromic lenses. They have a special chemical in the lens which can change the color if they are exposed to UV rays. If you take them outdoors in a bright sunshine, they will become dark automatically and they can return to clear if you are indoors again. So you can wear transition glasses just like sunglasses when you are outdoors.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Photochromic, Transitions glasses can change color according to the amount of light. They are clearly transparent when they are indoors but they turn to dark when they are in the outside. You can have a try. Hope this helped!
  • Christian


    Usually glass sunglasses are heavier than plastic sunglasses. Glass sunglasses and plastic sunglasses will not change color. They have tinted lenses. But both of them cannot meet your requirement. So you can look for a pair of photochromic glasses or transitions glasses.
  • emo_pain_818


    I think transitions glasses or photochromic glasses are your good choices. You can have a look at any eyeglasses stores. It is said that glass sunglasses are very heavy. But sometimes other sunglasses might be heavier than glass sunglasses. So you should pay attention to the weight of each pair of sunglasses too. Hope this helped!