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Is color blindness inherited from the mother or father?

I heard that color blindness is hereditary. So, Is color blindness inherited from the mother or father?
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  • elstrider


    Yes, the color blindness is hereditary from the mother or the father. It is the eye disease with long life. The color blindness can be divided into two main kinds. One is the full color blindness and another is the color blindness with parts. That is to say, some people only can't distinguish the limited colors. This kind of people are said to own the part color blindness. If a person can't distinguish all the colors except the white and black, he is called the full color blindness which will bring a lot of trouble in his life. However, this eye disease is not cured.
  • Alexa murphy


    Blindness is a so-called sex-linked characteristic, which means that it is a gene that occurs only on the X chromosome. It is passed to the child by the mother. But color blindness is not always inherited from parents. Color blindness can got through diseases, such as cataracts, which are the most common cause of acquired color deficiency.