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How to clean your baby's eyes?

My baby got some eye boogers. How can i clean it without hurt her? Please give me some suggestion.
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  • Savannah taylor


    Baby's eyes are so weak. You should choose the soft cloth to soap in the hot water. Then you squeeze the cloth and use the soft cloth to clean the eye corner of your baby's eyes bit by bit. You should do it gently. You should care the baby's eyes carefully. You should give the healthy diet to keep the moisture eyes for babies.
  • coppercoconut19


    Eye boogers in the eyes of the baby can be the result of excessive internal heat, you can feed your baby with food that has the function of eliminating heat and purging fire. You can clean her eyes with warm water with soft and clean towel or cotton swab gently and slowly. You also need to check out whether her lacrimal passage is obstructed, which can lead to eye boogers.
  • Brittany green


    Make sure your baby has no bad eye condition. Baby's eyes are fragile and easy to get hurt. Eye infection can cause a lot of eye boogers. You should clean the boogers for the baby every day. When the eye boogers get dry, it's very hurt to remove them. First you should get a warm compress and put it on the eyes. It can help soften the crust. Then use a cotton bud dipped with warm water rubbing the eye boogers away. It is no good for baby have too much eye boogers; you should adjust your diet if the baby is breast-fed. Check your baby’s eye if there is some thing abnormal. Any redness or blood shot should be taken care seriously.