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chris R


What to do when baby gets soap in eyes ?

Is it damage eyes to get a bit of soap in the eyes? What can i do to help my baby when i get a bit of soap water into eyes by accident?
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  • Nathan


    It is very dangerous for the baby to get a bit of soap water into eyes by accident which may cause the blindness of the eyes. You need to wash the baby's eyes immediately with warm clean water. Then you could use some eye drops to clean the eyes of babies. You should not do such thing by accident.
  • hall


    If you should accidentally get some soap in your baby's eyes it can sting and cause him to cry. Simply take the wet washcloth and wipe his eyes with plain, lukewarm water until any remains of the soap are gone.
  • walkingtragd


    The soap water is alkalescent, so it can make baby feel pain in the eyes and it is liable to lead to inflammation. When you get the soap water into the baby's eyes by accident, you must wash his eyes with clean water timely. You can fill clean water in a clean kettle with a thin spout, then tilt the baby's head and unfold his eyelid gently, and then rinse his eye in a slow and gentle way with the spout one or two centimeter away from his head. I suggest you should have your baby worn a cricket-cap so that the water will not enter into his eyes when you give him a shampoo or a bath.
  • b2sweet16


    Get soap in eyes should clean them with plenty of flow water immediately to minimize the concentration of soap within a short period of time. For a baby, you can put water into a clean small mouth pot, handle the baby's head to the side with the being washed eye under, separate the eyelids, and spout out the water slowly into the eyes of baby. Note not to flow water into the ear road, and flushing water pressure should not be too large, so as not to damage the eyes of the baby's organization.