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Is lime juice good for your eyes ?

Can taking lime juice daily do something good to the eyes?
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  • Paige evelyn


    Taking lime juice daily can benefit eyes much because lime juice has the properties of anti-oxidant and anti bacteria, protecting eyes from infections and muscular degeneration. And lime juice contains 30% to 50% lutein, an excellent antioxidant, which has the function of postponing the ageing, degeneration and pathological changes of eyes, reducing the risk of developing eye diseases such as cataract and protecting the retina from the sun. In addition, you can wash your eyes with a few drops of warm lime juice, mingled with plain or salt water to clear many infections such as conjunctivitis. Apart from the benefits to the eyes, lime juice is good to the whole body. It can prevent gout, obesity, scurvy, constipation and cystitis, etc.
  • Alexa joyce


    Yes, taking lime juice daily will do something good to the eyes because of the containing vitamin C inside the lime juice. It will make your eyes be moisture at the same time. Your eyes will get comfortable because of the moisture role. In order to protect your eyes and be good for your eyes, you could also eat more food with vitamin C, like vegetables and fruits.