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maria calderin


How to get white spots off contact lenses ?

My contact lenses got some white spots. But I don't want to quit my contact lenses. What shall i do to get it rid of my contacts?
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  • Robert


    The white spots on your contact lenses are caused by protein deposits. The reason for the protein deposits is that human tears contain lipids as well as proteins in other things. The protein will form a kind of jelly-like deposit and then stick to your contact lenses through tears. If your contact lenses are soft-contact lenses with high-water content, they will be more likely to have white spots caused by protein deposits. The white spots will lead to problems such as blurred vision, discomfort, irritation and even eye diseases. To get rid of the white spots, you can purchase some protein removal tablets. As for how to use it, just following the instruction of the product is ok. If this does not work, you have to change a new pair of contact lenses.
  • Lainey


    I have had a lot of problems with those pesty white spots on my contacts. My doc told me that they were calcium deposits too. I had worn contacts for over 10 years so it was shocking that it had just been happening for the last couple of years. I was told that diet, hormones, medications and changing cleaning solutions can cause them. So, in this way, you can buy some special solution to wash it off. Hope this helpful.
  • walki


    The main reason to cause white spots on the eye contact lenses is that the sediments of proteins or the fat of jelly adhere to the surface of the eye contacts. You can use aquae hydrogenii dioxidi or professional care solution to wash the eye contacts. But never use alcohol or some other irritative liquids. Generally speaking, it is quite normal that the eye contacts will get white spots on their surface when the contacts have been worn for more or less three months. Also you can just take the contacts to the eye contacts shop to let professionals to wash them for you. Sometimes the white spots caused by proteins and minerals cannot be washed off, then you may need to replace your old contacts with a pair of new eye contacts. To slow down the speed of forming white spots on the eye contacts, you should first of all use care solution to clean the contacts every day, and store the contacts in clean container filled with fresh care solutions. Never use overnight care solution to store or clean the eye contacts. Secondly, you should change the contact lenses regularly, for example, if the eye contacts are for three months' use, then after three months, you should change for the new pair. Besides, pay attention that each time you should not wear the contacts for too long, usually not more than eight hours a day. Last but not least, when you are buying eye contacts, choose those made from silicone hydrogel which possesses good oxygen permeability.
  • Charles Joseph


    You could just put the contact lenses in the solution which could just take the white spots out of them. If you could not let the white spots get out of the contact lenses, you should quit the contact lenses and choose the new type. It is such an important thing. Wearing the contact lenses should be in the right and healthy way.

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