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Ana clive


Does menopause cause watery eyes?

Can i get watery eyes from menopause? If so, Can you tell me how to stop my watery eyes?
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  • Vanessa edward


    Yes, you may get watery eyes from the menopause. The time of menopause for women and men is different. For men, the menopause is pointed to 50 ~ 60 years old. During this phase, the menopausal symptoms are hot and dry vertigo, palpitation. For women, menopause refers to the transition period. During this period, the ovarian function will be declined from strong state gradually to disappeared state completely. This period of menopause includes a period of time before and after. During this time, the body structure will work in disorder. You will have to keep the good habit of life. You should adjust to the right rhythm of the life pace by practicing a lot. You should not eat spicy food too much or drink or smoke. The eyes may get dry and then get the twitching eyes will cause the watery eyes. If you have this problem, you should go to buy the eye drops and use them to release the eyes.
  • Nicholas carter


    Yes, it can be said so. You may suffer watery eyes from menopause. In particular, if the skin care and makeup are not suitable for yourself, what is more, you never take it seriously, you may realize yourself get the symptom soon. Ladies, if you are, I suggest you to check out the things you use on your face every day. At the same time, you should have the minerals for two weeks, for instance, SSC, Everyday Minerals and Joelle, and if you keep it, the things must turn to much better!
  • Sally


    Well, yes, menopause can lead to watery eyes. According to some experts, menopause is a natural biological process for women. So generally speaking, if you have menopause, it is likely to have some eye problems, such as dry eyes. And dry eyes can have watery eyes. And this is a high percent in people who are menopausal. So you can just treat it in a right way, you can just go and see an eye doctor and have an eye test, or you will have a surgery. In addition, macular degeneration can cause blindness and it can often occur during menopause. Anyway, just be careful about it. If you do not treat dry eye, it may cause the cornea to develop ulcers, become scarred and become infected. At that time, it can be dangerous.

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