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Diane Bradstock


What are the best color sunglasses for red hair?

I have red hair right now. I want to buy a pair of sunglasses to match. Can you tell me what are the best color for sunglasses that can match my hair?
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  • adams


    If you have red hair, you can wear brown, black, wine, and royal blue colors of sunglasses. Not to wear yellow color of it. Red and yellow go together for a kitchen, or maybe in a party, thus the match looked too horrible and crazy. If you still cannot decide, take a friend with you to the eye glasses store, to get her opinion.
  • Janice


    The red hair is so cool which will absolutely make you so shining at the street. You could choose the sunglasses with black color lenses. The black and red combination is so perfect which will be so cool. You could choose the black round lenses of sunglasses. And this color of sunglasses will be suitable with all colors of clothes.
  • Theron


    Well, it seems that you have a head of red hair, really amazing at any rate. So, since you want to get a pair of sunglasses, then you have to consider the color of the lenses. As far as I know, green lenses are just suitable for your hair color because these two colors do not contradict each other. In the meantime, you should have a look at brown lenses, which also go well with your hair. The best way for you is to try them on and make decisions.
  • Shirley


    It's true that the color of your skin and hair will guide what color of the sunglasses will suit you the best. So if you only consider your color of your hair, then you may be wrong and pick up an unsuitable pair of sunglasses for yourself. However, I know that eyeglasses come in nearly every color imaginable, including traditional colors like black, trendy colors like purple and frames that blend several colors together. There are three steps that can help you get your lover. The ways are as follows: first, determine whether your skin coloring falls into the warm or the cool tone; second, look for frame colors that compliment your hair color; third, eye color can also factor into your frame choice. At last, I wanna say that if your hair is light red, you can pick up lighter frames, such as light blue, pink, amber and gray. While if they are deeper red, frames in the tan, brown, khaki, gold and copper families may be your best choice.

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