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How long can monthly contact lenses last?

I have bought a pair of contact lenses. How long can monthly contact lenses last? Or i can only wear the contact lenses for only one month?
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  • Ryan


    Of course not. Generally speaking, monthly disposable contact lenses are a kind of contact lenses, which are designed to be worn for 1 to 3 months. And then you should follow the direction what your doctor has told you, and just throw away. And for monthly contact lenses, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of the lenses with solution, or it can make your eye infected. And also, nowadays, there are many online places where you can buy them at the cheap prices, such as Proclear Compatibles, Purevision, and Biofinity. For your situation, you can just link to and then have a lot of options.
  • rommel abad


    The monthly contact lenses can only used within a month. If you use it over the expired time, it may damage your eyes. The water content in the contact lenses may lose the function. You'd better change another one within one month. Or else, your eyes may easily get infection and dryness.
  • b1g_head


    You can wear for maximum one month technically. As we all known, contact lenses are directly touched your eyes or retina, the protein would be accumulated on the surface of the lens. Hence, various types of contact lenses are available for satisfying various requirements. The monthly contact lenses are made by highly breathable hydrogels so that they are comfortable for people to war on a monthly basis. However, you have to take them off and clean them with saline solution in the night. And it is a good choice for new contact lenses wearer.