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Allison leslie


Does anyone tell me who makes revo sunglasses?

Do you guys know revo sunglasses? What's your opnion about revo sunglasses. Who makes them?
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  • chained_destiny


    As a matter of fact, Revo sunglasses has got a long history of making quality sunglasses in the world. It shares a high reputation for its quality and appearance. It is good at making sunglasses for people especially men. As far as I know, it is made in the US, however, there are lots of outlets in big cities across the US and some other developed countries.
  • Jada oliver


    Many people say that Revo polarized sunglasses are the best pair of glasses they have ever owned because they cut glare better than other sunglasses. It is well known that the Polarized Collection incorporates all of the benefits of LMS ? lens technology.It also enhance the contrast and offer the complete protection from the sun. It is Luxottica Group that makes the revo sunglasses. It is worthy to buy one because of the high quality with modern technology and the fashionable design.
  • campbell


    Well, first you should know that Revo is a brand of sunglasses manufactured and marketed by the Luxottic Group. Nowadays, they are manufactured in Italy. So we can say that the Luxottic Group makes the revo sunglasses. And by wearing revo sunglasses, it can let you have the sharpest vision possible through technological excellence. Their sunglass collection has a lot of styles which include aviator sunglass styles, rimless models and wraparound designs. And also they provide a multitude of colors and shapes so that you can choose from them. In other words, it has successfully created a collection of sunglasses that is both stylish and functional at the same time. But on the other hand, they are also more expensive than other brands. But they are worth the money.
  • Mona


    Revo is a popular luxury brand who design and sell several kinds of goods include glasses,the concept of their product are easy for a lot of people to understand.But like the other luxury firms,then have business relationship with some factories ,because they won't manufacture them,they just design then sell. So let me tell you which company do this for them---- The Luxottica Group. The Luxottica group's own brands include the world's most popular sunglasses and optical glasses brand Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) and Vogue, Persol, Arnette and Revo brands. It's a professional glasses manufacture,they can make every concept conceived by super designers finally come true.

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