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Noah rupert


Can i wear contact lenses after glaucoma surgery?

Can I continue to wear contacts three days after i took glaucoma surgery? Is it ok?
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    No, it is not suggest to wear contact lenses after glaucoma surgery. Unlike cataracts surgery, The treatment for glaucoma usually need a period of time. If you really want to wear contact lenses, you'd better get your eyes checked by an eye doctor. Anyway, you should not take risks of your eyes.
  • Jordan


    For common people, it is easy to wear contact lenses. But it is difficult for the glaucoma patient to wear after the glaucoma filtering surgery. In the glaucoma surgery, a water blister or bleb often present in the eye. When you wear the contact lenses after glaucoma surgery, your eyes are easily infected. We all known that the contact lenses will increase the risk of an eye infection, especially the lens is not cleared properly. If you do not pay more attention on your eyes after glaucoma surgery, your vision will be lost.


    It is not OK to wear the contact lenses three days after you take the glaucoma surgery. You should better have a good rest for the eyes for at least a month. After a full recovery can you wear the contact lenses. Or else, the contact lenses may absorb the water in your eyes which get your dry eyes get infection.
  • Andrew bell


    Just three days, my recommendation is NO. It is well known that there are two means of glaucoma surgery: laser treatment or making a cut in the eye. Both of them have side effects of eyes. You should consult your eye doctor before wearing contact lens. If the doctor said YES, the hard contact lens is the best choice because it is more gas-permeable than soft one and its size is smaller than the soft one. You must strictly observe the wearing time and following the doctor’s recommendations.

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