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Fari Tackaberry


Are oliver peoples sunglasses made in japan?

Do you know where are oliver peoples sunglasses manufactured? Are they made in japan?
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  • walkyr


    Yeah, the oliver peoples sunglasses are manufactured in Japan. The quality is so good that can be worn for many years. It is so durable that will be OK after being fallen. And the design of it is fashionable which follows the popular trend. It is worthy to buy one for the use when going out.
  • Austin shelley


    As far as i could know, Oliver Peoples is a company founded in West Hollywood, CA by Larry and Dennis Leight. From this point, it seems that oliver peoples sunglasses shall made in USA. As the globalization, they maybe establish factory in other country. Anyway, you'd better buy oliver peoples sunglasses which made in US.
  • Celina


    No, they are not made in Japan. First, you should know that Oliver peoples sunglasses have great reputation all around the world. And also, Oliver Peoples was founded in Southern California America. Because of elements of film, sport, fashion, and art in each eyewear frame made them enjoy a large celebrity consumer base. Many people will say that they are a timeless and iconic fashion style eyewear. Anyway, Oliver Peoples now has a prestigious reputation internationally for its quality glasses and sunglasses. And nowadays, they are made in Italy, but because of their good quality and perfect design, they are very popular.
  • Adam tuener


    Well, actually, Oliver Peoples is an outstanding glasses manufacturer which was founded in American, and it is focused on the upper class and mainly produces luxurious sunglasses and sell them to other parts of the world. Like I said, they are not made in Japan, instead, they are American products. And over the years , they have got high reputation for making selective sunglasses of various types.
  • Sean


    Oliver Pipas glasses (Oliver Peoples) is a former small American company which produced limited edition of handmade glasses .In 1985,the founder and designer and professional optometrists , Larry Leight , purchased John Leo Lennon (John Lennon) nostalgia antique round glasses and glasses manufacturing tools with $7000 in a fortuitous opportunity . It is said that a man named Oliver Pipas (Oliver Peoples) owned the stuff he bought. So you can see they are not made in Japan.It's a totally American local enterprise. But,since it's business become global,they have a branch in Japan.