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How to tell if giorgio armani sunglasses are fake?

If I plan to buy giorgio armani sunglasses, i think i need to know how to know if these sunglasses are fake or real before i buy them? Does anyone know how can i do to spot fake ones?
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  • Jada


    When you choose real giorgio armani sunglasses, you can go their store to choose it. Besides, when you choose it, you can check if there any logos of giorgio armani sunglasses on the sunglasses and their sunglasses cases as well as sunglasses cloth. Besides, you shall check the model numbers and check it online if they have such sunglasses. And what are their design and style. Just make a comparison. Hope this will help.
  • Ethan walker


    Well, yes of course, there are always fake sunglasses of any brand in the marketplace and people would not be able to tell which is real. It is important to know its authenticity before doing the deal. So my advice for you is to ask for its certificate and check the quality of the sunglasses and lenses. Also, you should call their service hotline to see if they are real.
  • warren


    The way to judge whether the giorgio armani sunglasses are fake is easy. If it is fake, the manual workship will be done so delicately. You could put the giorgio armani sunglasses on the table to see whether it is in balance. Usually the fake ones will not be symmetric on the design. Thus it is easy to point it out.
  • Kachun


    Well, there are many symptoms you can use to distinguish them. First, you should know that they are made in Italy, so you can check the label. It them are real ones, they should be written with the words "made in Italy". Also, the Model number for a particular pair will be the same even at different retailers. You should be careful about it. Besides, there should be Certificate of authenticity. And in my opinion, if you still can not make sure if they are fake or not, you can just take them to the sunglasses stores and have them checked by the professional persons.