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Can blepharitis cause eye twitching?

I have blepharitis. In recent days, i also feel eye twitching. Is it caused by blepharitis?
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  • tommy


    Yes, you may feel eye twitching because of blepharitis which is an acute suppurative inflammation eyelid of common glands and hair follicles eyelash. If you let it get serious, you may have the eyelid scar. You'd better use the antibiotics ophthalmic through eye drops and go to surgery as soon as possible. It is the inflammation that causes the eye twitching. The main reason of eye twitching is the coming bacterium. You could not control the twitching eyeballs. You should go to use some eye drops with anti-inflammation role to let the eyes get released. You could also use some warm cloth to cover on the eyes to let them feel comfortable.
  • Nathan harris


    Eye twitching always caused by the disorder of your eye muscle, and the base of this kind of the disorder might be your tiredness and fatigue, it won't be blepharitis. But I can't say that for sure, but technically speaking, the blepharitis may cause the uncomfortable of your feeling, there has to be some inner connection. My suggestion for you is that make yourself recover from blepharitis as soon as possible. Use some ointment to cure blepharitis, and then try not touching your eyes with your unclean hands. Most importantly don't eat those foods which are so febrile, such as seafood or other high protein stuff. Eat more vegetable that would be helpful.
  • csky4


    Well, it seems that you are going through frequent eye twitching recently. So, as a matter of fact, eye twitching is resulted from a variety of reasons, such as fatigue, mental stress, and some infections in relation to your eyes. So, blepharitis is also able to cause eye twitching, if not properly taken care of, you should take some effective and timely measures to fix this problem before too late.