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Benjamin gary


What are symptoms of eye disorder in adults?

I want to know common symptoms of eye disorder. You information are appreciated.
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  • Isabelle garcia


    Generally speaking, common eye disorders can be broken down into major eye symptoms. They may suffers pink eyes, itching eyes, trauma and pain. Besides, for people with some vision problems like myopia, they are also likely suffers from floaters etc. In addition, they may also suffers puffy eyes and blurred vision sometimes.
  • elmos_world_05


    Nowadays, many people have common eye disorders that may not be serious. Typically, the commom symptoms can be: redness, itching, swelling, burning, trauma, pain, blur and spots, flashes or floaters. Those eye disorders often caused by allergy, dryness, tiredness, vision stress or a combination of the above. You just need give your eyes a break or use some eye drops to treat these symptoms. However, once you find it become serious; go to see a doctor right now. Sometiome, eye disorder may be a big problem that may cause vision loss.
  • Sara scott


    Approximately there are five symptoms of eye disorder in adult. You can check by yourself first if you have one or two of them according to the 5 tips as follows: one is that the eyes are bloodshot and aglow. The second one is that the eyes are swollen. And the third one is proptosis. The last but one is tears and epiphora. The last one is more gum than before in the eyes. If you can not make sure, i would like to suggest you to the hospital for an eye exam.

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