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Does anyone know what supplements are good for dry eyes?

I got dry eyes and they are irritated. What supplements can help me treat my dry eyes. Is there anyone who can give me some suggestions?
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  • Joshua?hall


    People with dry eyes can eat some supplements which are good for your eyes, such as lily, Chinese wolfberry, and chrysanthemum. I suggest you eat less pork liver, although it is rich in vitamin A, it also includes a lot of cholesterol and fat content. Vitamin A-rich foods are preferred, such as carrots. In addition, walnuts are rich in fatty oil, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients. They are good for your eyes. Foods rich in vitamins are helpful for eyes, so it is widely recommended to use in the treatment of disease of the eye. People with dry eyes should eat more light diet, and not eat stimulating foods.
  • ecxsrkes


    The dry eye is an eye disorder, which would cause damage to the cornea and harm vision if there are no enough tears in the eye. It often causes by the environmental condition, such as dry climate, sun exposure, wind, cigarette smoke. The people who wear contact lenses also can lead to dry eyes. In order to rewet and keep moisture of eyes, some natural supplements can be used to treat dry eyes. First and foremost, the omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease inflammation of the eye to treat dry eye, which can be easy found in salmon, nuts, fish oil and others. Another highly supplement is flaxseed oil, which is cost effective and useful for treating dry eyes. In addition, the food which contains vitamin A or beta-carotene can be treated dry eyes effectively. This material is easy found in carrots, corns and fishes.

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