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Caleb murphy


How can hypermetropia be treated?

i have hypermetropia (farsightedness). Can it be corrected. Should i wear glasses or take lasik surgery?
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  • walkinginstars


    In general, if your hyperopia is not serious, and not cause visual impairment, eye fatigue or strabismus phenomenon, and at the same time, your health situation is still good, it does not need for correction. Conversely, any above condition is not met, you should wear glasses to correct. Children under 7 years old have mild hyperopia is a physiological phenomenon, it does not need wear glasses, but if the degree is too high, the vision decrease or associated with strabismus, you should wear corrective glasses. For 7 to 16 years old, low degree can also consider to wear glasses, if you feel vision fatigue, vision loss or strabismus, you must have correction. For adults, when you wear glasses for the first time, it does not need to completely correction, because of the excessive use of ciliary muscle, which produce muscle hypertrophy, if you want it to be slacked in the short time, it will not easy, so it needs to gradually correction.
  • walkwithmir


    If your vision is normal and without subjective symptoms, nothing you should worry too much. But if you feel your eyes tired frequently and have the obvious feelings of blurred vision, you are suggested that wear appropriate glasses for a correct. Generally speaking, children with high hypermetropia and esotropia, we advice he/she should wear glasses as early as possible. With children's eyeball development, the eyesight of kids will decline gradually. Therefore, you had better get your eyes checked every year in order to adjust the prescription eyeglasses you wear. If you are over 18 years old, you can not only wear glasses but also take a completed lasik surgery. All in all, relax yourself, the hypermetropia can be treated and earlier found better.
  • Jack percy


    The hypermetropia has another common name, which is called farsightedness. It means those people who have farsightedness are easy to see the far away objects clearly, but are hardly can see nearby objects in a clear way. It's effective and useful for those people to wear prescription lenses, either glasses or contact lens, to adjust the distance of eyes to treat hypermetropia if the degree of farsightedness is not that deep. Otherwise, they have to have hyperopia surgery that is LASIK surgery to correct their eye vision.

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