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Is it true a sinus infection can cause blurry vision?

I heard that sinus infection can cause blurry vision. IS that true? Why?
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  • Sherri H


    It's true, my mom has sinus infection, and it happen periodical, especially when the temperature suddenly turns down. And each time, she will suffer headache and then the eyes get blurry. It's because of the inside connection of the organs. Your nose get infection, your eyes will easily get infection too, if your sinus infection didn't recover soon. Here is my suggestion. First, take more vitamin as supplements which will help you to strengthen your immune system. The other thing is honey, which will help you as well, remember honey is so crucial to your sinus recovery. But the most important thing is exercise. From my mom's experience, if you can insist to do that every day, you will be sinus infection free, but it's hard. Hope you can do that.
  • anderson


    Yes, it is true that sinus infection can cause blurry vision. First, sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. It can cause a dull ache or pressure across the midface, especially between or deep into the eyes. It causes blurry vision because the wall between orbit and nose is common.
  • Brooke


    Sinus infection is one common problem in the air passage causing headache and irritating pain on the face, behind the nose, around the eyes and sometime on the upper teeth. This can be a result of colds and allergies. People who experience this can also experience fever or flu.The maxillary sinus can be located below the eyes, behind the cheeks. Usually, the infection starts from one side of the maxillary sinus. It can spread through the other sinuses when not treated immediately. Clogged nose can also contribute to the pressure-like pain that he feels behind the nose.The pain around the eyes and the pressure from the cheeks causes blurred vision. When both sides of the maxillary sinus have infection, there is a tendency that vision from both eyes will also become blurry. There is no need to worry about the change in vision because it will just be temporary until the infection entirely gone.
  • young


    Yes, my husband has a sinus infection and his eyes are blurry, he wanted to know as to whether the symptom would be permanent. This eased his mind. Thanks
  • chris_nubelle


    Yes, the serious sinus infection may cause the blurry vision because of the coming bacterium. As we know, the nose and eye nerves are interlinked. Once you get the problems on the nose, your eyes will have the problems. Your eyes may get twitching. Then you may find that your eyes see things in blurry. You should firstly treat the sinus infection.