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Randy C


How do you take the lenses out of oakley sunglasses?

I want to change my Oakley sunglasses lenses into prescription lenses. Any tips. How to take the lenses out of oakley sunglasses?
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  • explosion_x3


    Actually, you can change the oakley sunglasses lenses into prescription lenses. In such way, your short sighted eyeglasses have the appearance of oakley sunglasses, looking cool and fashionable. You just warm the oakley sunglasses frames to let it easy to get off the lenses by using fire to heat. Then you can change it. The way is so easy.
  • Trinity rose


    Well, I will not suggest you do things by yourself. As we know that Oakley sunglasses are made of special materials and they have their own construction. If you are not a professional person who do job associated with sunglasses, it will be dangerous. In some cases, you will damage the sunglasses. And that will be a big problem for they are so expensive. Then, in my opinion, you'd better take them to the sunglasses store where they can give a good and professional service. In that way, you don't have to worry about it.
  • crush_star


    Oakley glasses has overturned the concept for traditional glasses, which integrates comfortability, applicability and artistry. The new arrivals have supplies with 5 pairs of lenses to change. You can also go to Oakley shops to order a prescription lens according to your situation. And of course, ask the assistant to help you with replace it. If you wanna take the lens out by yourselves, do as the following steps: 1. Place thumb on top of frame and index finger on the nose bridge; 2. Pull nose bridge towards one direction while push frame in the opposite direction; 3. Pop out the lens and remove it.