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Brooke peters


Can pregnant women wear 3d glasses?

Is it safe to wear 3D glasses when she was pregnant? I want to take my wife to see a movie. Can i do that?
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  • Robert murphy


    Yeah, 3D Movies are really wonderful; however, I think you had better not have the pregnant women, like your wife, to wear the 3D glasses. As we all know, viewing movies with 3D glasses may also cause motion sickness, disorientation, eye strain, especially the pregnant women. You know if the ready mother has the motion sickness, then it is really danger for both mother and children, and the worst result is abortion. As to the eye strain, maybe you can sense it after the 3D movies. While watching movies with 3D glasses, your brain and eyes improperly focus on an image (appeared in the movies) enabling the 3D image appeared in your eyes. This manipulation will have you have eye strain, after that, you will experience headaches and blurred vision. Apart from the bad effects on the mother, there will be some effects on your children, like having the risk of having epilepsy.
  • confused_withac


    From the scientific aspect, the pregnant women can wear the 3d glasses. The 3D glasses is mainly used for light-admitting quality which can let you see only 3d images from the 2 pictures or the corresponding color and different colors. However, if you are a pregnant woman, I suggest you not to go to see the 3D movie with 3d glasses. Although the 3d glasses will be eliminated the pernicious influence, there is more chance for you to get infection of pink eyes through the 3d glasses because the immune system of pregnant women is so weak. Through contacting with patient eye secretions or the tears be stained with the objects, red eye patients may easily let the 3d glasses get the bacterium by shaking hands with dirty hands or rubbing eyes. The possibility of getting infection will increase. It is better for the pregnant women not to wear the 3d glasses.
  • Paige evelyn


    No, absolutely not! The work principle of 3d glasses is making illusion of different depth of vision by filter different color of lights. Many people who go to see a 3d film of Avatar felt headache and sick. As the 3d glasses worn in cinema is not disposable, there are many bacteria and virus on it. Pregnant woman has different reactions during this period. Sick or nauseated is quite common, as well as emotional fluctuation. 3d film and noisy cinema might affect the health of your wife. If she feels disturbed, you can take her to a park or make a delicious meal for her. Go to the cinema is not the only choice.