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What are the best sunglasses for surfing?

I will go to play surfing with my friends. And i am now looking for sunglasses to shield my eyes when i surfing. Any suggestion?
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  • Saarah


    If you go surfing and choose a type of sunglasses to shield your eyes, I strongly recommend you to buy polarized sunglasses which may help your eyes protect from the uv and other strong lights. The general so-called polarization refers to linear polarization, also called plane polarized light. The light waves go along the vibration of a specific fixed direction in which the spread route is shown into sine curve. In vertical direction of propagation, a linear polarization direction of vibration and the direction of propagation of plane are called the vibration plane which allows the natural light to go through the polariscope. When you go surfing, the light reflection must be contained the above aspects. Thus, you'd better wear the polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • erickie6


    Well, this is pretty easy. The best thing I would like to recommend is swimming goggles, which are just designed to protect your eyes from getting in water. Because sea water will make your eyes feel quite uncomfortable. And basically a pair of swimming goggles would be your perfect surfing companion you know? In the mean time , you could easily spot them in some store near the sea shore, and they will not cost you much.
  • Charles Joseph


    As surfing is a kind of water sports, it is dangerous and exciting. You must equip with all necessary accessories, sunglasses is must-have. Sunglasses can protect eyes from irritation of lights and prevent salty water as we enjoy the happiness of the sea. However, there are some things you need to know about sunglasses while surfing. 1. Polarized sunglasses. The sunlight glare is very stronger. Polarized lens can reduce the glare and filter harmful light rays. 2. Adjustable and fitness. Surfing is a water sport, you need to move quickly as you are chasing waves. The sunglasses must be adjustable for complete fitness of your nose bridge and face figure. Anyway, get a professional one, like Rudy, Oakley. Rush to the sea!