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John C.


Do ray ban aviator sunglasses look good on everyone?

I saw many people shield their eyes with aviator sunglasses. Do rayban aviator sunglasses look good on everyone? I have a fat and round face. Will it flatter me?
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  • Brandon cook


    Of course not, it depends on your face shape and your skin colour. As we know that ray ban sunglasses are very famous for their functions, protecting you from the UV rays. And they are a symbol to be fashionable. So there are more and more people who choose to wear them even they don not look good. For you have a round and fat face, I will suggest you wear the sunglasses with square frames. Besides, you should also pay attention to your skin colour which also play an important role in build a cool image.
  • Daniel christian


    Whether the rayban aviator sunglasses will look good on everyone, it depends on everyone's different hobby. Actually from both the design and the quality, the rayban aviator sunglasses can be called good and excellent. And your fat and round face may suit this type of sunglasses because it can make your cute face look a little cool.
  • cook


    You must be dazzled with so many different styles and colors of sunglasses. Do not lost! As for me, there are two principles for sunglasses selection: face figure and skin color. First, face figure. If you face figure were small, you should choose one of small frame. If you face were fat and round, I think the thick frame might be suitable for you. Second, skin color. For dark skin, bright color of sunglasses is a better choice; while for light one, it looks good for whatever color. Rayban aviator sunglasses provides various styles. Go to the shop and try by yourself. There is always one for you!

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