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Do rimless glasses look good on kids?

My little son asked me to buy rimless glasses for him. He said that one of his classmates wears such glasses in a very good look. What's your opinion? Do rimless glasses look good on kids? Is it a good idea to buy rimless glasses to kids?
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  • Jen.C


    If your kid originally wear the frame eyeglasses, he or she may need some time to adapt to wearing the rimless glasses because of the no edge. However, the rimless glasses will open a broad range of vision for your kid. You could have a buy for your kid. In addition, the look of wearing rimless eyeglasses is good.
  • Sig


    Indeed, rimless glasses are lighter than frame one and look beautiful. While its impact strength is lower than fame one. Being active is a natural way of children. The rimless one is easier to be pull down while playing. There is another choice which can meet both you and your son: semi-rimless glasses. With half framed and half rimless, it combines advantages of the two types. It is lighter than frame glasses and more durable than rimless ones.
  • coldnd


    Well, as far as I am concerned. rimless glasses give people a sense of smart mage you know. Basically, it depends on how your little son looks like. And typically speaking, rimless glasses are not good for kids since children tend to give people an interesting impression, and rimless glasses look more mature, don't you think? However, if he insists, you might as well take him to choose. Personally speaking, children should wear big framed glasses, they are really cool on kids.