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Jonathan tuener


Are our eyes always the same size from birth?

Will the size of human eyes grow as we are getting older. Or the eyes are always the same size from birth?
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  • coulisse_16


    Both aspects are not quite right. Children eyes really become bigger during the grow up becuase they have not yet fully grown on the eyes. But a junior high school student's eyeballs are basically grown in fixed shape. Then the adults eyes' size may be similar (diameter and about 23.6 MMM). If you have got high myopia, the eyeballs may change a little. Every increasing 400 degrees myopia will extend 1 mm eye axis. In a word, the eyes knowledge is so mysterious that attract our minds.
  • handygrl_90

    10/15/2012 is interesting! For most of us, we think that the eyes are bigger as we are children. Bit by bit, the eyes get smaller and smaller. I just have read some books about that. For 6-8 years old children, the size of eye balls is the same, but it depends on. Some medical specialists say that the size of eye balls will not change essentially, as the same as adults'. But that is relatively constant. For example, nearsight will expand axis oculi and change the construction of eyes. For 10-12 years old children, palpebral fissure gets smaller, so eyes look bigger as children. When you were a baby, the size of face was small, the area of eyes was almost 1/2 of your face. As you got older, the figure of your face has changed and get bigger, but the size of eyes are same. Above all, your eyes looks bigger as you were a girl/boy.
  • walkmen123


    That's an interesting question. First of all, the original size of human eyes is determined by gene. That's why some people have big eyes and some people don't. During the infant and preschool period, the size of eye ball will change. The diameter of human eye ball will be 2.3 to 2.5cm. It is the same between adults and school kids. Therefore, human eye ball keeps growing bigger before 6 to 8. And then the growth stops. In general sense, the size of eyes is not the size of eye ball but the size of palpebral fissure, the crevice between eyelids. You see, when people want to enlarge their eyes, they often go to double eyelids. It is just enlarger the palpebral fissure. The size of palpebral fissure changes with age. As children grow up, their face will grow as well as other parts of their bodies. Thus, the palpebral fissure will be bigger and so are eyes. The growth of face will stop around teenage. And in the later years of life, the skin loses flexibility and becomes sagging, the palpebral fissure will be smaller and so are eyes. People may think that babies have bigger eye than adults. It is because babies have tiny little face in which the eyes are at the position of about the upper half of the face. While getting older, people's face becomes bigger, and the eyes are at the position of the upper one third of the face. That's why compared with adults, babies have bigger eyes.