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How to make your eyes look red for a long time?

Is there anyway that can make my eyes appear red and last for a long time. Pleases give me some advices?
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  • Shelby rodney


    As we know, the color of eyes is fixed according to the genetic endowment. If you want to show the red eyes, you could wear the red contact lenses to achieve this. But you should not wear it for a long time, less than 8 hours a day. Or else, your eyes may get infection.
  • Savannah


    To my surprise, you wanna make your eyes appear red because a large number of people just wanna get rid of red eyes. But again, if you really wanna make your eyes appear red, there are also many ways for you to choose. Now, I will give you some advices. On one side, Carmex, it'll make you cry a bit for its sound effects. It's totally safe because it's not toxic. Just rub it under your eyes from tear ducts to outer corner. Like if you were trying to wipe away tears that were just forming and hadn't fallen from your eyes yet. One thing you need to remember is to try it a week or so ahead of time, in so doing, to make sure it doesn't irritate you. On the other side, spread a tiny amount of vicks vapour rub under your eyes. Actors use this method when they can't get the tears to flow. Of course, many other ways you can choose as long as it is proper.
  • Caroline


    The easiest and most direct way is to wear red contacts. They will make your eyes look really sick. And you may also make yourself cry, because after crying, your eyes will usually appear very red. But I guess it may be a little difficult for a big boy to cry, lol. So we can use another way such as rubbing your eyes, which is a little risky coz you may get an eye infection and at that time, your eyes will be really red. You can also try to stay up,which would make your eyes look red, But don't do anything stupid and hurt your eyes ok?
  • tteyel fodt


    how to mack your eye red
  • Dylan duncan


    Well, you are going to attend a party or Halloween or something. Anyway, there are indeed some ways to achieve this goal. In the first place, you do not want to have pink eyes right? So, what you should do is to wear contact lenses, especially some crazy contact lenses which could give the desired effect. You can find loads and loads of crazy contacts of various types at Amazon and eBay.
  • Alexa murphy


    If you would love to make your eyes look red for a long time, you can consider using makeup. With the right tricks, it's possible to use aesthetic tricks to make your eyes appear red and puffy as if you've just been crying, even if you feel perfectly fine. Because these tricks don't actually irritate your eyes, they're vastly more comfortable than some of the methods. Firstly, apply small dots of red eyeliner around the outline of your eye. You can also use a red eye shadow or red lip liner, but make sure that any lip liner you use is mild enough to use near your eyes before applying it. Place the dots along the entire bottom lid. For an even stronger red effect, you can also apply the dots along the upper lid. Secondly, smudge the liner over your skin using a cotton swab or makeup smudge stick. In order to make your eyes look red, you will need to cast a somewhat muted red "shadow" around their lids. None of the original lines or dots should be visible, so continue smudging until you can no longer see the original dots.
  • ashley