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How soon can I drive after cataract surgery?

I am going to have a cataract surgery this weekend and i want to know how soon I can drive after that.
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  • Katelyn


    It depends. If you just take cataract surgery for one eye and have driving standard vision and a normal filed vision, you may able to drive a private car soon. Anyway, you'd better drive until you return your good vision for both eyes. Or you may need new spectacles in order to obtain driving standard vision. Anyway, you'd better ask your surgeon. Only if he/she stated that your vision has reached the required standard, you can go on to drive.
  • Kelly Dalton


    Well, generally speaking, you should not have driving in the first two weeks after the surgery. First, you should know that after the cataract surgery, your eyes will be sensitive and fragile, and it will take some time for them to recover. If you go to drive, your eyes have to be focused on the point for a long time. In that way, it will lead to eye strain. Some eye diseases, such as sore eyes or dry eyes can just be accompanied with eye strain. And that will just be harmful for eyes. So you should pay more attention to your eyes, and do not get hurt or have infection by it. By the way, heavy exercises should be avoided.
  • Adam peters


    Cataracts and driving are on the minds of many seniors. Fortunately, most of my patients can drive soon after cataract surgery.The question of when to resume driving is an important one as many have cataract surgery specifically to improve their driving vision. Deciding when it is safe in your specific case requires a review of a number of different factors and it is often a good idea to seek the opinion of your eye surgeon and family members to determine the proper time to return to driving.The day of your cataract removal you will receive anesthesia so you will not be able to drive yourself home after your cataract removal procedure. A friend or family member will need to drive you home and stay with you for a while as you adjust.24 hours after your cataract removal the anesthetic is considered to be gone enough for you to accept responsibility for your actions. If your vision is good enough to drive and you are not too light sensitive, you could resume driving.
  • Judy


    It is said that you can't drive the same day you have cataract surgery. And the time you can regain driving standard vision after cataract surgery varies. Some people can reach the driving standard vision within a few days after cataract surgery and then they can go to drive several days later. While some people may need new glasses to help them reach the driving standard vision. However, it is better to ask your surgeon and he or she will tell you when you can drive after cataract surgery.