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Is it strange to wear glasses while running?

When I was running on the road this morning, someone asked "how can you run with glasses on?" Is it strange to wear glasses while running?
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  • walkbyfth


    I don't think so. It is normal for some people with poor vision wearing glasses for running. In fact, there are some people wearing specially made running glasses(running goggles) to shield their eyes from intensive sunlight, harmful UV rays and debris, insects as well as sands in the air. From this pint, it is necessary to wear glasses for running for the sake of eye health.
  • consilium_capit


    No. People who have vision problem cannot see clearly without glasses while running, thus glasses can help them see better while running. If they don't wear glasses, they may find it hard running on the rugged road. What's more, glasses can protect their eyes from wind and other particles getting into eyes. Maybe some people find it uncomfortable running with glasses on because glasses may fog up or fall off. However, as long as you feel comfortable to run with glasses on, don't care what other people think.