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Cameron giles


Should i wear glasses or contacts to a job interview?

I always wear contact lenses when I go out. But is it better to wear glasses for a job interview?
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  • canttouchthis90


    That depends on youself. If you prefer wearing glasses, just wear glasses for a jod interview. Because when you love one you choose, you will show more confidence, which is very important to a job interview. If you prefer wearing contact lenses, then go ahead to choose you like. Make sure they are comfortable to wear, or they will affect you when you have the job interview. If I were you, I will choose contacts because glasses will block my peripheral vision.
  • Hunter rose


    It is ok whether you wear contact lenses or framed eyeglasses. But personally, people wearing proper eyeglasses look more smart, intellegent and sophisticated. from this point, you try framed eyeglasses. Nevertheless, you still think about what kind of job your are going to interview. That because some job required not wearing framed eyeglasses. If so, you'd better wear contact lenses.

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