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Jada shelley


How to prevent glasses falling off when running?

i can hardly see without my glasses so I have to wear them even when running. But they keep falling off my face. Any advice?
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  • cheergirl024


    Are you still wear your regular eyeglasses? You'd better choose specially made running glasses when you run. Or you can buy some sports eyewear when you running. In fact, wearing eyewear for running is not just help you see clear, the eyewear also required to eye protection from intensive sunlight, and harmful UV rays and glares. So, If you often running, you'd better buy prescription sports eyewear.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Get a pair of glasses that fit you properly so that they won't fall off even when you are running. If your glasses are too loose, they are easy to slip off your nose when running, which is verry annoying. You can take your glasses back to the place you bought them and ask the worker there to adjust the glasses for you so that they can fit you exactly. A proper pair of glasses should be neither too tight nor too loose. As long as they fit you properly, they won't fall off again when running.