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Why do I have Floaters After Cataract Surgery?

I just had a cataract surgery last week but now I can see many floaters around my vision. is that normal?
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    The Floaters is very common problem to eyes after cataract surgery. But you don't worry about it. I hears that the floaters is normal and usually have a tendency to disappear with time after having cataract surgery. Nevertheless, floaters may also sign some vision problems like a hole in the retina. If you, you shall visit doctor and get it treated appropriately. So, if you find floaters in your eyes, you'd better get it checked for sure.
  • smith


    Maybe you have eye floaters before they have cataract surgery, but you don't notice them because the cataract is cloudy which may block the recognition of floaters. When you have your cataract treated, flosters come to appear in your vision and they seem to be much more noticeable. In this case, floaters will go away with time. It usually takes weeks or months for the eye floaters to disappear after cataract surgery. So you don't have to worry about it. However, I would suggest you see a doctor to have your eyes checked to see whether you have suffered other eye problems.

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